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Denture Cleaning

New to Dentures or Finding Your Dentures are Looking a Little Worse for Wear too Quickly?

Just like real teeth, dentures are susceptible to stains and plaque, resulting in an unsightly appearance and even bad breath. If you’re not sure how to best care for your dentures and need some help coming up with a daily denture cleaning routine, our dentists at Kingdom Denture Clinic have pooled together their top denture cleaning tips that’ll ensure your dentures look better and last longer.

Denture cleaning 101: Tips and tricks

What is the Best Way to Clean Dentures?

Using a soft bristle brush and a special denture cleaning solution, gently brush your dentures to clean off any food and beverage stains. It’s recommended you brush with less force than you would with traditional teeth brushing and aim to clean your dentures one to two times a day.

What is the Best Thing to Clean Your Dentures With?

With dentures, it’s important to use a special denture cleaning solution and not toothpaste. This is because toothpaste can be abrasive to false teeth and cause scratches to the surface. Soaking your dentures overnight will also help combat tough stains as it makes it easier for a soft bristle brush to remove.

How Many Times a Day Should Dentures Be Cleaned?

Once a day is usually enough to clean dentures, though some patients prefer to clean dentures at night time and in the morning too. As dentures aren’t left in the mouth overnight to accumulate bacteria, brushing them in the morning is fine unless a patient has an eating and drinking habit that can cause a lot of stains (lots of coffee, red wine or smoking). In that cause, brushing twice a day is recommended.

How Do You Disinfect Dentures?

If your dentures look as though they need cleaning, putting them in a cup with a denture cleansing tablet (such as Polident) and leaving them to soak before brushing should be an adequate solution. Or if you’ve dropped them in an unsanitary place (such as the toilet), taking the cup and placing it in the microwave for two minutes can help zap away any MRSA bacteria – just remember, if your dentures contain metal, it cannot be placed in the microwave.

How Do You Remove Plaque from Dentures?

To remove plaque from dentures, it’s recommended you incorporate the following steps into your daily routine:

  1. Soak dentures overnight by placing them in water and adding a denture cleaning
  2. Rinse dentures after every meal to stop stains from building up.
  3. Gently brush your dentures one to two times a day with a special denture cleaner.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and to see if your dentures require a more intensive cleaning solution.
How Do You Clean Badly Stained Dentures?

When it comes to cleaning badly stained dentures, an overnight soak in a denture cleanser should help to loosen up stains so you can manually remove it with a brush. However, if your dentures look stained to a point of no return, it’s worth reaching out to your dentist to have your dentures professionally cleaned.

Will Vinegar Damage Dentures?

Vinegar will corrode dentures with metal clasps (such as a partial) but is safe to be used once weekly as cleaning solution, if diluted with water. It’s recommended you consult with a dentist before making your own solution, for advice on strength of the solution and how long you should soak them.

Do You Soak Dentures in Hot or Cold Water?

It’s best to soak your dentures in cold water, as dentures may warp if exposed to hot water for too long.