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Recall Program

What to Expect During Your Denture Recall Appointment

Your dentures are important to the way you look and feel. That’s why it’s important to maintain your dentures and ensure they perform at their optimum.

When you come see us for a recall appointment, we will:

  • Update your dental and medical history
  • Perform extra and intra oral examinations
  • Check the integrity of your denture
  • Check the aesthetics, stability and the bite
  • Discuss options available to you based on your needs
  • Review your oral hygiene procedures and denture care
  • Clean and polish your dentures if required

Book Your Denture Recall Appointment Today

We’re dedicated to ensuring you get the best value for money out of your dentures, which is why we always recommend recall appointments to our patients. So, increase the longevity of your dentures and ensure they will last for many years to come by booking your denture recall appointment with our team here at Kingdom Denture Clinic.