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Information For Dental Professionals

If you’re a dental professional in need of expert denture care, we are more than happy to help. Like you, our goal at Denture Health Care is to provide the best service to every patient. Whether they need new dentures, routine denture maintenance or a more complicated procedure, our prosthetist can provide the denture services you need.

Kingdom Denture Clinic is a dentures-only practice, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality dentures in the industry. To do this, we will work with you closely to achieve the results and outcomes you’re looking for.

To help you understand our process at Denture Health Care, it helps to know what to expect when you refer patients to us.

  • Taking accurate clinical records. We often use face-bow and inter-oral gothic arch tracing to take accurate records of your patient. This is critical to providing the best fit and comfort for your patient’s dentures.
  • In-house construction. To ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our dentures, we design and build all our dentures in-house. We’ve invested in the latest technologies, machines and training to make sure every denture we make meets and exceeds industry standards. At Kingdom Denture Clinic, you can be sure that your patient will get some of the best dentures available today.
  • Using the right occlusal scheme. We believe that removable prosthetics require accurate occlusion to provide optimum comfort and function. We will evaluate the shape of your patient’s residual ridge to determine the best occlusal scheme for them.
  • Choosing from different lower denture solutions. Full lower dentures are notorious for being prone to stability issues. To counteract this, we’ve trained extensively in different full lower denture solutions to be able to provide the right options for our patients. 
  • Providing immediate dentures. We frequently collaborate with dentists and dental specialists to provide immediate dentures (full, partial and immediate additions) for their patients, so we’re more than qualified to help you with yours. We will work closely with your team to help reduce your patient’s downtime without dentures, and we can even schedule procedures just before their scheduled tooth extraction to minimise any inconvenience.
  • Prioritising denture repairs. We prioritise denture repairs in most cases, and we can even complete them within a few hours of handing them in.

Collaborating For Your Patient's Needs

As fellow dental professionals, we understand the need to provide the best care and services available for your patients.

When you work with us, we’ll always treat your referred patients with the same meticulous care, service and attention that we provide our own. We will also always communicate clearly with you and provide updates on your patient’s case, ensuring you’ll always know how to continue your patient’s care afterwards.

If you need more information about what services and assistance we offer, feel free to contact us. You’re also more than welcome to visit any of our clinics to meet our team.